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NV-367 Hellcat Aces (5 signature) Color photo of F6F Hellcat about to land on the USS Enterprise signed byBob Coates VF-17/18, J. Ted Crosby VF-17/18, Norm Mollard VF-45, Ed Wendorf VF-16, and Don Gordon of VF-10 all Aces.  Photo size 8x10.  Color.  Limited. Limited $145
NV-117 Aces of VF-10 Billo/Blair/Feightner/Gordon/Reiserer/Vejtasa/Voris Limited $285
NV-116 Aces of VF-10 On Deck of the Enterprise Limited $180
JR-100 Aces of VF-17 Cunningham/Streig/Hedrick Limited $175
JR-100a Aces and Pilots of VF-17 Cunningham/Streig/Hedrick/Kurlander Limited $200
JR-203 Aces and Pilots of VF-17 Blackburn/Cunningham/Streig/Hedrick/Kurlander Very Limited $300
JR-204 Aces and Pilots of VF-17 Signed by Mel Kurlander   $20
NV-132 Aces of VF-16 Hanks/Frendburg/Bartol Limited $120
NV-144 Aces of VF-9 L. Mennard/ A. Smith Limited $85
NV-168 Ben Amsden In Cockpit   $25
NV-219 Oscar "Buck" Bailey In Flight Gear Deceased $50
NV-192 Frederick Bardshar In Admirals Uniform Deceased $50
  Bruce Barackman Signed card Deceased September 2006 $45
NV-157 John Bartol In Cockpit Deceased $55
NV-158 John Bartol Standing by F6F Deceased $55
NV-262 Norm Berree Standing with Pilots of VF-9 by F6F Hellcat Deceased 8/2006 $45
NV-112 James Billo In Cockpit   $25
JR-109 Tom Blackburn Tom Blackburn CO of VF-17 in the Cockpit of his F4U Corsair "Big Hog".  Photo size 8x10.  Rare Deceased/Limited $200
JR-109a Tom Blackburn Tommy Blackburn Standing by the Tail of his F4U Corsair he called "Big Hog".  Photo size 8x10.  Rare. Deceased 3/1994   Limited $200
JR109b Tom Blackburn Tommy Blackburn Standing by an early Bi-Plane Fighter he flew before he was Commander of VF-17.  Unique and Rare.  Photo Size 8x10. NEW !!!! Deceased  3/1994  Limited $200
NV-345 Tom Blackburn Tom Blackburn Crouched by Japanese Victory Flag Painted Props in the South Pacific.  4x6 size  (1)  NEW!!!! Deceased  3/1994  Unique $175


Tom Blackburn & Roger Hedrick Standing in Flight Gear with Ike Kepford Deceased/Limited $225
NV-113 Bill Blair In Cockpit Limited $25
NV-130 Hal Buell Beside his SB2C   $30
NV-216 Robert Blyth In Uniform Limited $35
NV-218 Alfred Bolduc In Cockpit Limited $30
NV-271 Clarence Borley In Flight Gear (8x10) Limited $60
NV-276 Guy Bordelon Guy Bordelon In the Cockpit of his F4U Night Fighter of VC-3 proudly showing the Soviet MIG Stars below his cockpit rail.  Photo size 8x10. Deceased 12/2002 $65
NV-277 Guy Bordelon Guy Bordelon talking to his ground Crew of his F4U Corsair Night Fighter Standing by the Gun of his F4U.  Photo size 8x10. Deceased 12/2002 $60
NV-212 Carl Brunmier Carl Brunmier in his Formal Navy uniform.  Phot size 4x6 only.  Very Limited  NEW !! Limited $35
NV-286 Carl Brumier Sitting in the Cockpit of his Hellcat on the deck of the USS Langley.  Photo size 8x10.  Limited. NEW !! Limited $35
NV-366 Carl Brunmier Carl Brunmier with other pilots from his described gesturing on how to shoot down an enemy plane on the deck of the USS Langley.  Photo size 8x10.  Limited.  NEW !! Limited $45
NV-286a Carl Brunmier Head shot of Carl in the 1940's.  (6x8) (1)  NEW !!! Unique $50
NV-215 Roy O. Burnett In Formal Uniform Limited $30
NV-350 Paul Buie Paul Buie in his Formal Navy Uniform.  He is the famed Commander of "Buie's Bandits", VF-16, which fought from the U.S.S. Lexington. He scored 9 Aerial Victories in the F6F Hellcat.    Ultra Rare perhaps Unique.  Photo Size 8x10. Deceased 4-16-1972 $650
NV-233 James Cain In Formal Uniform Deceased $55
NV-333 Henry A.  Carey 8 1/4" by 11" bio with attached photo of Lt. Carey with VF-8 and signed Signature Card  NEW Unique  Deceased 12/1988 $195
NV-358 Robert B. Carlson Ensign Robert Carlson in the cockpit of his F6F-5 Hellcat on board the USS Belleau Wood proudly showing his victory symbols.  Photo size 8x10 only.  Very Rare. Ex. Rare $75
NV-359 Robert B. Carlson Ensign Robert Carlson in the cockpit of his F6F-5 Hellcat on board the USS Belleau Wood proudly showing his victory symbols.  Photo size 8x10 only.  Very Rare. Ex. Rare $75
NV-224 Dan Carmichael In Flight Gear Limited $35
NV-183 Lawrence Clark In Flight Gear  4x6 size Limited $25
NV-183a Lawrence Clark In Flight Gear 8x10 size Limited $45
NV-251 Robert Coates In his Formal Navy Uniform Limited $35
NV-251a Robert Coates In Formal Navy Whites Limited $40
NV-338 Thad Coleman Thad Coleman in his Formal Navy Uniform.  Photo size 8x10.  Unique.    NEW!!!!!! Deceased 6/2001 Unique $175
NV-161 Ed Copeland In Cockpit Deceased $65
NV-348 Richard D. Cowger Signed Letter and picture display of Fighter Ace Richard Cowger who flew with VF-17 aboard the USS Hornet.  Display size 8.5x11.0.  Unique.  NEW !!!! Deceased 2/1985  Unique $275
NV-272 Donald Cronin Signed Card Deceased $45
NV-209 Ted Crosby In F6F Cockpit   $30
NV-209a Ted Crosby In Uniform   $30
JR-106 Dan Cunningham In Cockpit  (8x10) Deceased 4/06 $65
JR-110 Dan Cunningham After Mission  (8x10) Deceased 4/06 $65
JR-110a Dan Cunningham Describing a Mission (3.5x5)   NEW !!! Deceased 4/06 $65
VWA-104 Randy "Duke" Cunningham In Flight Gear (Color).  Photo 8x10 size Very limited $125
VWA-105 Randy "Duke" Cunningham In Cockpit of F-4 with Weapons Officer (Color).  Photo 8x10 size. Very limited $125
VWA-106 Randy "Duke" Cunningham In Cockpit of his F-4 (Color).  Photo 8x10 size. Very limited $125
NV-243 Robert H. Davis In Hellcat Cockpit   $35
NV-332 William E. Davis III William Davis in his formal Uniform with other pilots of VF-18 "Satans Kittens" before they set out on the USS Lexington for Battle in the South Pacific under the able command of Cmdr Hugh Winters.  Photo size 4x6.  NEW !!! V. Rare $55
NV-347 Reuben H. Denoff Signed Ace card by Reuben Denoff with unsigned Photo of Cmdr Denoff in the Cockpit of his F6F Cockpit.  Display size 8.5x11.0.  Unique.  NEW !!!! Deceased 1/1988   Unique $250
NV-236 Rod O. Devine In Cockpit Deceased 1/13/2006 $55
NV-221 Paul Drury In F6F Cockpit Deceased $55
NV-253 Buck Dungan In Flight Gear Limited $35
NV-373 Fred "Buck" Dungan Fred "Buck" Dungan standing in his flight gear by the prop of his  Fighter in 1945.  Photo size 8x10 only.   NEW  !!!   $30
NV-160 Willard Eder In Cockpit of his F6F showing all his victory symbols.  This was called a Victory hellcat of VC-1 on the tail used to promote the Allied Victory over the Japanese.  This was a "special" squadron of the Navy used after the surrender of Japan.  Photo sizes 8x10 and 5x7.   $25
NV-240 W.C. Edwards In Formal Uniform         Deceased 5/2003           Very Limited $65
NV-240b W.C. Edwards Signed bio in nice Ink and own hand.         Deceased  5/2003          Very Limited $60
NV-213 Ralph Elliot In Flight Gear Deceased 12/4/2006 $35
NV-357 Eric Evenson Lt. Eric Evenson in the Cockpit of his F6F Hellcat on the deck of the U.S.S. Bealleau Wood in the South Pacific.  Photo Size 5x7 only Deceased 9/2008  Very Limited $75
NV-372 Robert Fash In Cockpit Limited $35
NV-102 Edward "Whitey" Feightner In Hellcat Cockpit   $25
NV-242 Francis Fleming In F6F Cockpit of his Hellcat.  Photo size 4x6 Deceased $90
NV-242a Francis Fleming Francis at his Desk during the war.  Nice Quality Photo Deceased $95
NV-242b Francis M. Fleming 3 3/4" by 4 1/2" unsigned photo in formal uniform with signed  Signature Card  NEW Deceased $70
NV-252 Ralph Foltz With the complete group of pilots of VF-15 called McCampbell's Heroes Limited $35
NV-252a Ralph Foltz In Flight Gear Limited $40
NV-264 Marvin Franger F6F's in Flight Near Snow covered Mountain Deceased/Rare $75
NV-264a Marvin Franger F6f Hellcats in Flight Deceased/Rare $75
NV-264b Marvin Franger Single F6F Hellcat in Flight Deceased/Rare $75
NV-265 Jim French In Flight Jacket with Valencia's Mowing Company on Carrier deck Deceased/Very Rare $350
NV-109 Al Frendberg In Cockpit Deceased $45
NV-111 Al Frendburg Underneath his F6F Deceased $45
NV-249 Harold Funk In Flight Helmut and Jacket Deceased/Rare $350
NV-235 Roy Gillespie In F6F Cockpit Rare     Deceased  6/1997 $95
NV-318 Roy Gillespie 3 1/4" by 5" signed photo in cockpit of Hellcat F6F  NEW Rare    Deceased 6/1997 $125
NV-103 Don "Flash" Gordon In Cockpit   $25
NV-206 Vernon Graham In his Navy Formal "Green" Uniform.  Very Rare.  Photo Size 8x10 only.  Unique. Unique  Deceased 2-2-06 $125
NV-288 James Gray In Flight Gear.  Shot down several planes at Battle of Midway Deceased $175
NV-314 Hayden "Buck" Gregory Formal Navy Uniform Khaki's.  Photo size 5x7. Deceased 1/12/2007-V. Limited $75
NV-315 Hayden "Buck" Gregory Formal Navy Uniform Whites.  Photo Size 8x10. Deceased 1/12/2007 V. Limited $75
NV-316 Haydon "Buck" Gregory In Cockpit of his F9F Bearcat.  Photo Size 8x10. Deceased 1/12/2007 V. Limited $75
NV-317 Richard Griffin 3 1/4" by 5" photo in flight gear with Signature Card.   VF-2 USS Hornet and USS Enterprise. NEW Deceased 11/1991  Unique $150
NV-127 Mayo Hadden In Admirals Uniform Deceased/Rare $185
NV-176 William Halsey Signed Menu for Pacific Fleet 1945 Deceased/Rare $250
NV-131 Eugene Hanks In F6F Cockpit   $25
NV-186 Cecil Harris Talking to David McCampbell & Pres of Grumman Extremely Rare/One of a Kind $2,000
NV-135 Thomas Harris in Cockpit Limited $35
NV-181 Everett Hargreaves In Uniform Deceased $65
NV-254 Everette Hargreaves In the Cockpit of his F6F Hellcat Deceased $75
NV-238 Ray Hawkins In F6F Cockpit Deceased $150
NV-238a Ray Hawkins In Uniform Deceased $75
NV-150 Frank Hearrell   Limited $25


Roger Hedrick With Ground Crew  (8x10) Deceased $65


Roger Hedrick In cockpit  (8x10) Deceased $65
JR-102a Roger Hedrick Sitting against wing Flap of his F4U Corsair in the South Pacific  (3.5x5)  NEW !!! Deceased $60
NV-159 Harry Hill In Cockpit   $25
NV-101 Ken Hippe In F4F Cockpit Deceased $55
NV-245 Ken Hippe F4F Cockpit Deceased $55
NV-245a Ken Hippe on Wingroot Deceased/Limited $55
NV-245b Ken Hippe In Flight Jacket Deceased/Limited $55
NV-231 Herbert Houck By F6F Hellcat Deceased $55
NV-330 Robert "Frog" Hurst Robert Hurst in his Formal Navy Uniform.  Photo size 8x10. Deceased 4/28/2007 $80
NV-331 Robert "Frog" Hurst Robert Hurst signed Photo of the USS Intrepid with his Fighter Squadron on Board.  Photo size 8x10. Deceased 4/28/2007 $80
NV-222 Bruce Jacques Signed Card Limited Rare $60
NV-214 James M. Jones In Uniform Deceased $70
NV-266 Wallace R. "Rod" Johnson In Flight Gear on F6F Wing Root while with VF-15 aboard the USS Essex..  Photo Size 8x10.            Deceased  8/2005          Limited $60
NV-266a Wallace R. "Rod" Johnson In Flight Gear on F6F Wingroot while serving with VF-15 aboard the USS Essex.  He was part of McCampbell's Heroes the so called unit that destroyed an unprecedented 310 Japanese Aircraft in Five Months.  He Scored 5 Aerial Victories.  (5x7) (1)  NEW!!            Deceased   8/2005          Limited $65
  Byron M. Johnson No Signed Photo in Stock at this Time Deceased  2/05 N/A
NV-234 John M. Johnston By F6F Hellcat Deceased $65
NV-188 Ira Kepford In Flight Gear (New Inventory) Deceased/Ex. Rare $1350
NV-188a Ira Kepford Letter with Full Signature Deceased/Rare $500
NV-284 Robert Kidwell A SIGNED page of Robert Kidwell's Civilian Pilot Training Program Flight Logbook.  It is also signed by Kidwells' Instructor all in December 1942 in a PT-19 Primary Trainer with a Ranger engine.  Robert Kidwell is the only "Ace in a Day" from the USS San Jacinto which was the same carrier that President George Bush flew from as an TBM Avenger pilot.  They both flew from the USS San Jacinto at during the same time period and talked frequently below deck.  A very Rare piece of history!!!  Unique. Ex. Rare

Deceased 11-1-71



NV-284a Robert Kidwell Another page from Robert Kidwell's Navy Cadet Training log book with his full signature and that of his instructor.  Each page is different and unique.  These are very rare and perfect for those who want to make a framed montage on this Ace in a day!  Approximate size 5x7.  Unique. Ex. Rare

Deceased 11-1-71

NV-284b Robert Kidwell Another page from Robert Kidwell's Navy Cadet Training log book with his full signature and that of his instructor.  Each page is different and unique.  These are very rare and perfect for those who want to make a framed montage on this Ace in a day!  Approximate size 5x7.  Unique. Ex. Rare

Deceased 11-1-71

NV-251 George Kirk In Cockpit of F6F Cockpit   $35
NV-169 Phil Kirkwood In Flight Gear Deceased $75
NV-250 Mel Kurlander Standing by the Tail of his Corsair with Crew Chief (VF-17- Blackburn's Group).  Photo Size 8x10 and 5x7.  NEW !!!!   $25
NV-352 Mel Kurlander Mel Kurlander in Flight Gear with his Mae West.  Photo size 8x10 and 5x7.  NEW !!!   $25
NV-353 Mel Kurlander Mel Kurlander kneeling in Center of Picture with other Pilots of VF-17 in Bougainville February 1944..  Picture Size 8x10.  NEW !!!   $25
NV-354 Mel Kurlander Mel Kurlander in Center with "Bomber" type Boots with From left Beads Popp, John Smith, and Hal Jackson.  Picture size 5x7 only.   NEW !!!   $20
NV-355 Mel Kurlander Mel Kurlander wearing his baseball cap with a beard in his T-Shirt on Bougainville, 1944.  Photo size 8x10 and 5 x 7 sizes.   NEW !!!   $20
NV-356 Mel Kurlander Mel Kurlander kneeling in his T-Shirt on Bougainville.  1944.  Photo size 5x7 only.  NEW !!!!   $20
  William Lamb 2 1/4" by 6" photo standing with Signature Card  NEW  !!! Unique  
NV-200 William "Lum" Lamoreaux In Cockpit of his F6F Hellcat Deceased $90
NV-291 Dean "Diz" Laird Dean "Diz" Laird in the cockpit of his F6F Hellcat on board the USS Essex as part of VF-4.  Photo size 8x10.  Limited. Limited $35
NV-247 Elvin Lindsay Elvin "Lin" Lindsay in his F6F Hellcat Cockpit.  Photo 8x10 size. Deceased 8/7/2007 $45
NV-247a Elvin Lindsay In Cockpit of his Hellcat as above but smaller size.  4.5x6.5 approx (1)   $35

William Leonard

In Cockpit of his F6F.   4x5 size. Deceased    8/05  Rare $150
NV-204 Walter Lundin In Formal Uniform as part of VF-15 where he scored 6.5 Aerial Victories..  Photo Size 8x10.         Deceased 9/2007           Limited $45
NV-204 Walter Lundin In Cockpit of his F6F Fighter of VF-15 on the Deck of the USS Essex.  Photo Size 8x10.          Deceased 9/2007           Limited $40
NV-257 Charles Mallory In Flight Gear Limited $35
NV-258 Charles Mallory In Ready Room with Cecil Harris Limited $35
NV-270 Dick May In Hellcat Cockpit in Formal Uniform Limited $30
NV-202 W. Robert Maxwell   Limited $30
  Michele Mazzocco Signed envelop VF-30 5V Flew F6F Hellcat  NEW Unique  
NV-121 David McCampbell Pencil Sketch Rare/Deceased $225
NV-121f David McCampbell& James Rigg Ultra Rare Double signed photo of these VF-15 Aces in Flight Gear with 2 other pilots of their squadron in the ready room of the U.S.S. Essex.  (4x6)  NEW !!!! Rare/Deceased $275
NV-121a David McCampbell In F6F Hellcat Rare/Deceased $225
NV-121b David McCampbell Next to Scoreboard Rare/Deceased $225
NV-121c David McCampbell In Hellcat Color Rare/Deceased $225
NV-121d David McCampbell In Flight Gear Rare/Deceased $225
NV-121e David McCampbell In Formal Uniform Next to Map Rare /Deceased $225
NV-121c David McCampbell &       Rod Smith On Carrier Deck Double signed Rare/Deceased $350
NV-121g David McCampbell David McCampbell in his flight gear after a mission with VF-15 called "McCampbell's Heroes".  This is a rare photo that has never been seen before and was from McCampbell's personal photo collection.  Signed Boldly by McCampbell.  Photo Size 8x10.  Ultra Rare. Deceased $300
NV-139 William McCormick In Uniform Deceased $80
NV-269 William McCormick In Cockpit of his Hellcat  5x7 size (1) Deceased $75
NV-123 Scott McCuskey Formal uniform Deceased/rare $125
NV-295 Scott McCuskey In Cockpit of his F4F with Ensign george Gay kneeling on the Wingroot.  Signed by McCuskey only.  3x5 size. (1) NEW Deceased  6/1997 $95
NV-100 Joe McGraw In F6F Hellcat Cockpit Deceased $55
NV-223 Don McKinley In F6F Hellcat Deceased $60
NV-329 Donald McPherson Don McPherson in the Cockpit of his F6F Hellcat in the Pacific.  4x6 and 8x10 Photo Sizes. Limited $30
NV-119 Hamilton McWhorter In Cockpit   $75
NV-120 Hamilton McWhorter On Wingroot   $75
NV-122 Hamilton McWhorter Painting Victory Symbols   $75
NV-124 Roger Mehle Close Up next to the fuselage of his F6F. Deceased $75
NV-125 Roger Mehle Talking to his group of pilots at a Operational Training unit in Florida by a Hanger. Deceased $75
NV-128 Roger Mehle RAdm Roger Mehle with The Captain of the Carrier USS Montery Captain Ingersoll. Deceased $75
NV-290 Roger Mehle Roger on the Carrier Deck in his Uniform.  (5x7) (1)     NEW !!! Unique $50
NV-118 Lou Menard On F4F Wingroot Deceased $55
NV-269 Lou Mennard With Aces of VF-9 Deceased $60
NV-228 Charles Milton In Navy Uniform Limited $30
  Henry Mills TBD Deceased      4/05 N/A
NV-141 Harris Mitchell In Formal Navy Uniform Deceased 5/2006 $35
NV-289 Norm Mollard Hellcat in Flight over the Pacific.  Photo size 8x10. Deceased 10-30-2007 $40
NV-289a Norm Mollard Formation of F6F's over Hawaiian Mountains in 1943 signed by Norm Mollard.  Photo size 8x10.  V. Limited. Deceased 10-30-2007   Limited $40
NV-350 Norm Mollard VF-45 Fighter Pilot montage signed by Norm Mollard.  V. limited.  Photo Size 8x10.    Deceased 10-30-2007    Limited $40
NV-349 Norm Mollard Norm Mollard in the Cockpit of his F6F.  Rare Photo.  Photo size 4x6.    Deceased 10-30-2007   Limited $45
NV-187 Wayne Morris Signed Card from autograph album.  Size 4x6 approx.  unique. Deceased/rare $195
NV-370a Wayne Morris Signed Photo of Wayne Morris taken and signed on January 21st, 1942 (as indicated on the reverse of photo) just over a month after Pearl Harbor and his enlisting in the U.S. Navy for pilot training.  A very rare photo of Wayne with a excellent fountain pen signature.  He died so suddenly of an apparent heart attack aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard in Oakland, California on September 14th, 1959.  He flew with Capt. David McCampbell the Navy's top Ace both flying with VF-15.  Morris was the son in law of David McCampbell as he married McCampbell's daughter.  Size 5x7.  unique Deceased 9-14-59


NV-370 Wayne Morris Signed Movie magazine photo of Wayne Morris prior to enlisting in the U.S. Navy.  Very Rare to find this type of signed piece.  Signed in fountain pen ink typical of the period.  Perhaps a 1940 signature.  Size 4x5.  Unique. Deceased 9-14-59


NV-134 Horace Moranville   Deceased $50
NV-232 David Mulcahy In F6f Hellcat Deceased $80
NV-142 Robert Murray In Formal Navy Uniform Limited $35
NV-140 Joe Paskoski Signed Letter Deceased $20
NV-165 James Pearce In Cockpit   $25
NV-201 E. Alex Phillips In F6F Hellcat   $25
NV-229 Tillman E. Pool In F6F Hellcat Cockpit Deceased(2) $55
NV-196 Albert Pope In Cockpit of Hellcat Rare/Deceased $85
NV-112 William "Beads" Popp Bill Popp by his VF-17 Corsair.  He was one of the famous pilots who flew with Tommy Blackburn and the Jolley Rogers.  See his book in the book section.  He offers a wonderful historical look at life with VF-17 and VF-84 the squadron which VF-17 later became.  Size 8x10 Limited Edition of 15.  NEW !!! Deceased  2/06 $55
NV-230 Ralston Pound In Uniform Limited(2) $30
NV-263 Ralston Pound In Navy Uniform-Color Limited $45
NV-285 Norwald Quiel   Limited $45
NV-133  Dan Rehm In F6F Hellcat Deceased 10/2004 $55
NV-167 James Rigg Next to Scoreboard Deceased $75
NV-342 Joe Robbins Joe Robbins in the Cockpit of his F4U Corsair.  Photo size 8x10.    NEW !!! Limited $40
NV-343 Joe Robbins Joe Robbins standing by the wheel of his F4U Corsair.  Photo size 8x10.  NEW !!! Limited $40
NV-344 Joe Robbins Joe Robbins in his Formal Navy White uniform.  Photo size 8x10 and 3x4.      NEW !!! Limited $40
NV-244 Leroy Robinson In F6F Cockpit   $35
NV-259 Ralph Rosen In Flight Gear After Mission Limited $35
NV-211 Don Runyon In F6F Cockpit Extremely Rare $600
NV-334 Jimmie "Doc" Savage James Savage Signed envelop and 3x5 photo of James Savage in his Formal uniform.  Sold as a set.  Unique and Rare !!   NEW !!! Deceased 4/1984  Extremely Rare $195
NV-341 Robert Shackford Robert Shackford signed card with unsigned photo of him in the cockpit of his F6F Hellcat with VF-2.  A very rare signature.  NEW !!!! Deceased 6/1987  Unique $185
NV-241 James Shirley Signed Card Deceased $50
NV-162 Sam Silber In Flight Gear Deceased $45
NV-163 Sam Silber In Cockpit Deceased $45
NV-155 Warren Skon Standing on Wingroot Color $30
NV-156 Warren Skon By F6F Fuselage   $35
NV-260 Albert Slack Signed3x5 card Limited/Deceased $55
NV-260b Albert Slack Wonderful Combat related letter hand written by Albert Deceased $80
NV-260c Albert Slack Nice Combat Letter 2 Deceased $80
NV-129 Armistead Smith In Flight Gear by F4F Deceased 7/2006 $55
NV-346 Clinton "Chick" Smith Clinton Smith signed signature card and unsigned photo of him sold as a set.  Photo size is of buyers choice.  Rare !!  Unique.  NEW !!! Deceased 1/1992  Unique $65
NV-261 Jock Sutherland Signed 3x5 card Limited/Deceased $55
NV-368 Richard Stambrook Richard Stambrook in his Navy flight overalls.  Photo size 8x10.  Very Limited and Rare.  Deceased 4-12-2000 $95
NV-153 John Strane In Cockpit of his F4U Corsair Limited $45


Jim Streig Next to his F4U Deceased/Limited $70
NV-172 John Stokes In the Cockpit of his Hellcat on the Carrier Deck. Limited $35
NV-110 James Swope In Cockpit of his Hellcat.  8x10 with slight brown spot on edge of photo.  Have only one. Deceased $165
NV-363 Will W. Taylor Cmdr Will "Dub" Taylor 4" by 5" photo in cockpit of F6F with Signature Card.  Unique.  NEW Unique $95
NV-184 Paul Thayer In Cockpit Limited $40
NV-184a Paul Thayer On Guadalcanal next to F4F and squadron Pilots Rare $75
NV-175 Robert Thomas Signed on Reverse Limited $20
NV-149 Franklin Troup   Limited $35
NV-146 Gene Trowbridge Signed Envelop Deceased/Rare $65
NV-197 Vernon Ude Formal Uniform Deceased  9/2000  Limited $70
NV-189 Eugene Valencia Signed Envelop Ex. Rare/Deceased $1900
NV-294 Peter Van der Linden In Cockpit of his F6F Hellcat  New!!!  Size 8x10 Deceased 4/06 $150
NV-335 Arthur Van Haren Jr Signed 5" by 3 1/2" photo attached to 8 1/4" by 11" bio  NEW Deceased Rare $175
NV-199 Arthur Van Haren Signed Card Rare/Deceased $115
NV-104 Stanley Vejtasa Climbing in  Cockpit   $30
NV-105 Stanley Vejtasa In Cockpit   $30
NV-114 Roy Voris In Cockpit Deceased $85
NV-106 Alex Vraciu Six Victory Celebration   $30
NV-107 Alex Vraciu Kneeling on Wingroot   $30
NV-108 Alex Vraciu Standing in Cockpit   $30
NV-360 Alex Vraciu Alex Vraciu signing his after action report on the stabilizer of a F6F after he scored his six aerial victories during the Mariana's Turkey Shoot for which he was recommended for the Medal of Honor our Nation's Highest award!!  Photo size 8x10 only.  Limited. Limited $35
NV-361 Alex Vraciu Alex Vraciu standing by some wall art pin-ups with a beard.  Photo size 8x10 only.  Limited. Limited $35
NV-362 Alex Vraciu Alex Vraciu Signed Fighter Ace's Postcard depicting his Victories in the "Mariana's Turkey Shoot".  Size 4x6.  Limited. Limited $35
NV-147 Jack Otto Watson Jack Watson in his Navy Leather Flight Jacket.  Color 8x10 photo. Deceased 7/28/2007 $45
NV-173 Littleton Ward   Deceased/Limited $50
NV-210 C.E. "Billy" Watts In Flight Gear Limited $35
NV-166 Spider Webb In Cockpit Deceased/Limited $60
NV-164 Ed Wendorf In Cockpit   $45
NV-191 John Weslowski In Flight Gear Limited $40
NV-191a John Weslowski In Flight Gear 2 Limited 4x5 $45
NV-180 Bruce Williams In Cockpit Limited $35
NV-136 Hugh Winters In Cockpit V. Limited $60
  Millard Wooley 3 1/2" by 5" photo in cockpit with signed envelop attached to 8 1/4" by 11" bio  NEW Unique  
NV-287 Earling Zaeske In Flight Gear V. Limited $50


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