WW I Signed German Aces Photos

Cat # Pilot Photo Description Comments Price
GFA-100 Josef Jacobs Sanke Sold $600.00
GFA-101 Walter Gottsch Sanke KIA-Sold $825.00
GFA-102 Rudolf Kimke Sanke   $400.00
GFA-103 Fredrich Noltenius Signed Photo   $400.00
GFA-104 Karl Bolle Sanke   $800.00
GFA-105 Leopold Anslinger Sanke   $400.00
GFA-106 Fritz Rumey Sanke KIA-Sold $1,000.00
GFA-107 Julius Schmidt Sanke   $400.00
GFA-108 Helmut Baldamas Sanke KIA-Sold $825.00
<="21%" align="left" height="21"> Julius Schmidt Sanke   $400.00
GFA-108 Helmut Baldamas Sanke KIA-Sold $825.00
GFA-109 Hermann Pfeiffer Sanke KIA-Sold $825.00
GFA-110 Max Muller Sanke Sold $750.00
GFA-111 Eduard Ritter von Schleich Sanke   $800.00
GFA-112 Ritter von Greim Signed Photo   $800.00
GFA-113 Fredrich Christensen Signed Photo   $600.00
GFA-114 Wolfrum Eisenlohr Signed Photo 1st ship kill from the air. $300.00
GFA-115 Paul Baumer Sanke Blue Max $950.00
GFA-116 Heinrich Bongartz Sanke Blue Max $800.00
GFA-117 Heinrich Kroll Sanke Blue Max $800.00
GFA-118 Gerhard Fiesler Signed Photo   $300.00
GFA-119 Bruno Loerzer Signed WWII Orders Blue Max $400.00
GFA-120 Theo Osterkamp Signed Photo Blue Max $400.00
GFA-125 Theo Osterkamp Signed Blue Max  Letter Blue Max $250.00
GFA-122 Anthony Fokker Signed Photo Beautiful 6x8 matted Photo $950.00
GFA-123 Ernst Udet Sanke Sold 1,600.00
GFA-124 Fritz Jacobson Signed Photo/Sanke   $275.00
GFA-125 Alfred Keller In Gotha Bomber.  First to Bomb Paris Blue Max/Rare $290.00
GFA-126 Herman Frommherz Signed WWI photo on reverse of Photo. RARE $200.00
GFA-127 Carl von Schoenebeck Signed WWI Photo of Schoenebeck in his Albatross D.V. RARE $295.00
GFA-128 Fritz J. Jacobsen Signed photo of Jacobsen in an Early WWI Aircrft 100 PS.  RARE $275.00
GFA-129 Fritz J. Jacobsen Standing by his Fokker Fighter with his Bulldog near the Front Signed. RARE $325.00